Thanks and shout outs. It takes a lot of people and a lot of time to make these races happen, here are just a few of them… We hope all the competitors appreciate your help as much as we do:

Nadine for holding back the tsunami of paperwork and playing trail fairy in the early days. John and Ann for getting up un-sociably early on a Sunday to help at registration. Andy R for his unwavering support and the peace of mind his efforts bring. Phil and Chris for still being there helping to clear up when everyone else has gone home. James, David, Amit, Keith, Stuart, Ant and countless others for driving crazy distances to stand in a forest marshalling. Paul and Lyn of SIP events for the best race support in the business. Martyn for his pro trail building skills. Alex for bringing a venue back to life. B&DCC for setting the standard. Craig and co. for putting something back into the sport. Chase Trails for all their sterling work. Rupert for letting us all terrorise a golf course. Major Davenport for encouraging us to disregard the usual H&S BS. Adrian for sponsoring the series in the early days. for all their support. Timelaps for keeping control of all the vital stats. Joe and Karen for keeping us on side with BC. Mark for rocking the 1’s and 2’s. Iain for the Excel magic. Rich, Phil and Josh for photo and video goodness. All the riders for taking part and coming back for more 🙂

Good folk:

Mount Zoom


Roots & Rain

Spokes Bikeshop


Chase Trails

Ride Sheffield



X-Trail Films

Chief marshal Andy leading by example out on the race course!

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